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Ballast Savings

For the past 25 years, electronic ballasts have been bringing dramatic cost savings to the fluorescent lighting fixture industry. Now that same advanced technology is available for your outdoor and indoor sign applications! Our new patented electronic H.O. sign ballasts replace all those heavy, hot operating, power hungry magnetic ballasts with light, cool operating, energy efficient electronic H.O. Ballasts. While saving energy, you'll extend lamp life by 30% and reduce installation labor cost by 50%. Each EESB ballast is an investment which earns you money every day it operates!

You can do the math for your own application; it’s easy. Get your last electric bill and multiply the cost per watt by the watts saved using EESB ballasts. Each magnetic ballast you replace with Allanson/Lighting Components’ EESB-1048 ballast can save in one year more than enough to pay for the ballast and replacement labor.

Enhance your company’s energy saving image & improve the bottom line. Get the Allanson /Lighting Components EESB ballast: it’s a win-win decision!

  • 40% more efficient than magnetic ballast! See the cost savings example above
  • Operate combinations of one to six T12 H.O., T8 H.O., T8 Long Life, and Slimline lamps from 18 in. to 50 ft. in total length
  • Starts lamps at -20° F
  • Lowest operating temperature in the industry—Adds life to lamp and ballast
  • Best voltage regulation available anywhere—70v to 305v line voltage
  • Lightweight—2 to 9.5 lbs.
  • First month's energy savings will more than offset the additional cost, if any, of the EESB Ballast
  • 4 year warranty
  • U. L. listed and C.S.A. approved to operate T12 H.O., T8 H.O., T8 Long Life, and Slimline lamps.
  • Title 24 CompliantAvailable